Daily Lunch Specials Fax Pricing


You create your menus, we do the sending!
We send your Daily Specials 5 days a week

Your cost is only $99 monthly to send your Daily Lunch Specials to over
100 local businesses 5 days a week!

There is a one time $99 set up fee to get you started, which includes:
1. Calling 400 businesses to get their permission to send them your Daily Specials Fax*
By law, you must have permission to send anyone a fax
2. Set up your menu library and 28 day scheduling system
3. Design/creation of your Daily Specials Fax Page
4. Provide a web page that displays your Daily Specials that you can link to your web page

No long term contracts. Month to Month.
Give it a try, see how well it will work for you!

You don't need a fax machine to use our service, we do the faxing.
If you have a computer you can build your own menu item library
and create your own menus daily, weekly or 28 days in advance.

Not "computer savvy", no problem, give us your menu items and we will take care of everything for you

*Most restaurants have approximately 400 businesses within their service area.
On average we are usually able to get permission from approximately
100+ businesses to send them your Daily Specials Fax.
We encourage you to ask your business customers if they would like to receive your
Daily Specials Fax. We will add them to your list at no additional monthly cost!

All monthly faxing services are subject to NJ Sales Tax


Daily Specials Faxing Services

Call or write anytime and we will
be happy to answer your questions
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 Fax: 855-251-2312

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