Daily Specials Email / Faxing Pricing


There are no set up costs for our services

Faxing Pricing
Fax Numbers
5 Day a Week
3 Day a Week
1 Day a Week
25 - 150
 $1 per fax number / monthly
$25 - $150
$15 - $90
$5 - $30
151 - 300
$.90 per fax number / monthly
$135 - $270
$82 - $162
$25 - $55
301 - 500
$.80 per fax number / monthly
$240 - $400
$120 - $200
$48 - $80
3 & 5 Day a week faxing is more suited for Pizza/Bagel/Deli type businesses.
1 Day a week works well for Fine Dining Restaurants that might only need to send their "Weekend Specials".

Our tools can be customized for almost any need. Tell us your ideas and we will make it work for you!

Email Pricing
Email is much less expensive than faxing.
You can send emails 1-7 days a week.
Up to 100 Email Addresses $19.95 mo.
Up to 250 Email Addresses $34.95 mo.
Up to 500 Email Addresses $49.95 mo.
Up to 1000 Email Addresses $69.95 mo.

If you are using our Fax Service, we will send up to 25% of the number of faxes you send, and send your emails for free. 
Example: 100 faxes - you can send 25 emails free.

Your only cost to get started.
We don't charge to set up your Product Library, your Calendar System, and create your Fax Template/Pages. No Set Up charges at all!
Your only start up cost is the $1 per fax number/email address we get for you, should you decide to use the service.

How about a 2 month FREE TRIAL!

You gather up to 25 Email/Fax numbers, and we will send your Daily Lunch Specials out free of charge for 2 months! No credit card required. Try it out, see if it works for you. No other advertising type businesses let you try it for free!
Go to FREE TRIAL SET UP to get started

Daily Specials Faxing/Emailing Services
Call or write anytime and we will
be happy to answer your questions
Call: 973-934-0577     Email
 Fax: 855-251-2312

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