U-Control Daily Specials (Faxing) Now Email System


This is an overview of our System "Dashboard"

We have 3 kinds of customers/store owners who use our system:

1. You Control
People who have used other faxing systems that did not allow them to make their own changes to their menus in their own computers, and they want total control of their Daily Specials Menus.

2. We Control 
We can handle everything for you!
People who are not at all computer savvy. They want us to enter all of their menu items and create their Daily Specials Menus, and maintain their menus monthly.

We have a menu library of over 300 items. The products are numbered. Review the list and send us the numbers of the items you think will work for your Daily Lunch Specials. Click to view Our List

If you have items in your menus that we don't have, we will add them for you. Once we create your menus, we will send you a "print out" of your menus for the month, for you to review. We will also send you each day's menus, the "day before" each day by fax/email....so you will know what to plan for each day. And you can send us new items to add at anytime.

3. Combination
People who use a combination. They have our staff enter their menu items, but, are computer savvy enough to be able to login from time to time and make changes, and add new items to their menu library.

In every option above, your Daily Specials will every weekday on your website, in your emals and faxes.

If your goal is to get your Lunch Specials in front of your business customer's eyes every day, we will help you do it!

Take a few minutes and read about our unique system

We created the only Daily Specials System that allows YOU to create your own library of items, then create individual menus for every day of the week. Adding items is as simple as typing an email. Create a "Title" for your food item, then add a description. We format all the text automatically.
add product to daily specials faxing system

Once your menu items are added to your library, "Select your day" and create your menu. You can create menus the same day, day before, week before...even a month before you want to display your menus. Modify your menus at any time!
daily psecials faxing calendar system

Simply "ADD" your item to the list for the day.
daily faxing product menu

Once your menus are ready for display, you are finished. Our Automated system sends your Emails at a time you decide, everyday. You don't need to do anything. You Specials are sent from our server/system, not from yur computer.


Daily Specials Email (Faxing Services)

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