Daily Lunch Specials Website Display System


You Have a Great Website
But you can't promote your Daily Lunch or Dinner Specials

You're not a programmer!
You're a restauranteur!

We developed a super simple system
that allows you to display your specials on your website everyday.
(and send emails and faxes, if you choose to use those additional services)

Click here to see a live Daily Specials Display

Click here to see a Custom Designed Counter Card
Your Business Customers can scan a QR Code
and be brought to your Daily Specials on your Website

We provide you with a webpage that your
Web Person can link to from your website!

You enter your menu items (once) into a "library".
Then you create your Daily Specials menus.
You can set up your menus
daily, weekly, or for the entire month!
Your Specials will appear everyday automatically!


There are no "Set Up" fees!

We suggest...
1.You start by having us create your Website Display page.
2. On that page is a link to an "Email" sign up form.
3. As your customers sign up,
they will receive your specials daily.

There is no cost to you to try our system.
Try it for free for 60 days!

No long term contracts. Month to Month. Cancel anytime.
See how well it will work for you!


Daily Specials Website Display
Emailing Services

Call or write anytime and we will
be happy to answer your questions
Call: 973-934-0577     Email
 Fax: 855-251-2312

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