Myths of Daily Lunch Specials (Faxing) Emailing

Restaurant Marketing Myths

1. "I need "new customers"
Of course all businesses would like new customers. At what cost for the return?
A recognized "Return on Investment" rule is: It is far less expensive to have your existing customers purchase more from you each month, than the expense to get new customers.

As a food service provider, you have the best opportunity to present your existing customers with new menu items. People want more variety. They want to know what "Specials" you are creating for them!

You do the math. How many lunch customers do your have? If 10% of them bought one more lunch every week, how much would that add to your bottom line?

2. Do we have a "list" of every business in our area
NO we do not have lists. There are no "magical" lists of businesses. 

You CANNOT send an Email or a Fax to anyone without their permission. Plain and simple, no exceptions. Anyone who tells you that "they have a list and can send your specials to everyone on the list" without getting permission to send your specials from your lying to you!

If you follow the concept in the previous paragraph, you begin to realize it is far better for you to promote your Lunch Specials to your existing customer base.

Think about this. Our service is designed for Pizzerias, Bagel Shops & Delis. You probably service a 2-5 mile radius area around your location. There probably isn't anyone in that "circle" who does not know you are "there".

3. We can get you "New Customers"
You have probably been approached by marketing companies that promise they will get you new customers. What new customers? Are they going to promote your restaurant to people outside your "circle". At what cost to maybe get a handful of new customers?

You do the math.

If you are a Pizzeria, Bagel Shop or Deli, for the most part, you have competitors in the next "circle". You may get some crossover. But for the most part, unless the trades people who travel from "circle to circle", will stop by your place, people will purchase food within their circle.

This information may not be what you want to hear. Sometimes we don't want to see the reality. We want to believe there is a fast easy way to increase our businesses. We would love to see that happen in our business also!

4. Your new Goal!
If you have 1000 customers in your base. What if each one...bought one more lunch every week from your business! Do the math....$$$

So, we know the work we have to do to build our business, and we want to be honest with you about how we can help you promote your Lunch Business.

We will set up your entire Lunch Specials program and provide you with
a simple Sign Up Sheet for your customers to enter their Email information. We will aslo provide a Web Page that will display your Daily Specials that your Web Person can include in your website. That page will also have a form for your customers to add their Email infomation themselves.

Daily Specials Website Display / Emailing Services

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