Daily Specials Email Blast


1. Create your Menu Item's Library

We created the only Daily Specials Faxing/Email System that allows YOU to create your own library of items, then create individual menus for every day of the week. Adding items is as simple as typing an email. Create a "Title" for your food item, then add a description. We format all the text automatically. (The menu set up process is the same for Faxing or Emailing)
add product to daily specials faxing system

Once your menu items are added to your library, "Select your day" and create your menu. You can create menus the same day, day before, week before...even a month before you want to display your menus. Modify your menus at any time!
daily psecials faxing calendar system

Simply "ADD" your item to the list for the day.
daily faxing product menu

Once your menus are ready for display, you are finished. Our Automated system sends your Faxes and Emails at a time you decide, everyday. You don't need to do anything. You do not need a fax machine to send your faxes, we do it for you!

2. Design an Email Template for your Business  (view a real "live" email. it changes daily)

We design a template to display your Daily Specials. We like to keep your Emails as clean and simple as possible. People are receiving many Emails daily. Together, we will customize the template to promote ongoing specials, store hours, and other details about your store and services. When your Email is generated by our system, your Menu is automatically included in the Email.

3. Gather your Email Addresses

People try and justify their desire to send their Emails to any business from which they may have obtained their Email address.....DO YOU LIKE RECEIVING SPAM!.
Gathering email addresses "legally", is quite simple!
As we do, when gathering Fax Numbers, when we call local businesses from our lists, we also gather email addresses from businesses that don't have a fax machine. We also find individuals like to receive emails directly.

We will provide you with "sign up" sheets for your business customers to add their Email (and Fax numbers).
We will also provide 500 business cards you can distribute to your customers, inviting them to join your Email (and Fax lists).

The difference between Emailing and Faxing...is that...with Email, you may also like to develop a separate list for your "consumer" customers (non-biz). We will create 2 separate Email systems for you, should you decide to so both.

Business Email addresses who will receive your Daily Lunch Specials are included in your Faxing fee.

Consumer Emails, which you may accumulate as many as 500 email addresses costs $39.95 monthly. Emailing is becoming more popular every year. With our easy to use system, you can create an Email Blast at 4pm reminding you customers to stop in for your Early Bird Specials, or for a deli, a 7am Blast for your "Ham & Egg Sandwich" special!

4. Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to offer delivery or online ordering, to promote my Lunch Specials?

Promoting your Lunch Specials by Fax and Email has nothing to do with delivery or online ordering. While we will include delivery and online ordering info in your Fax/Email promotions, if your don't offer these services, your customers will simply order and pick up their orders as they do now. Your Daily Special's promotions get your message out to your customers so they know what you are cooking everyday!

Simple Pricing
If you decide to use our Faxing Service, Emailing to businesses (up to 100 emails) is included no charge.
Consumer faxing, where you can Email to up to 500 customers - $39.95 mo.
Faxes can only be sent once daily. Emails can be sent at a set time, or you can create a quick Email and send it immediately.

(If you already have a website, we will provide a FREE Daily Specials Display Page that your web person can link on your website.)

Daily Specials Fax/Email Services
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